This 1989 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Premium Convertible is an absolutely rust-free Southern California car which has never seen snow or salt. It has only 51,750 miles on it which can be validated by the Carfax reports showing the mileage reading taken every 2 years during the mandatory California smog tests. An absolutely great fun car to drive which needs absolutely nothing done to it. It has never been wrecked, never damaged, the engine's never been rebuilt, the tranny works fine, the interior is perfect and the electronic computer displays that all monitored systems are functioning properly. You can pick it up in Los Angeles and drive it straight to New York without any worries.

This car is in perfect running condition. Everything works from the A/C blowing cold to even the electric antenna going up and down when you turn on the radio. It has the full luxury options available at the time - leather seats, electronic dash, airbag, alloy wheels, power everything, etc. The 4 cylinder Turbo engine gives it amazing performance - it runs like a race car but still gets 30+ mpg. If you stomp too hard on the accelerator it will burn rubber! Using the premium option trip computer to display fuel economy lets you be the judge and going easy on the throttle makes highway mileage of 35+ mpg possible.

You will have a hard time finding a better example of the '89 LeBaron convertible than this one. It looks like it just came out of the showroom. I found the car with only 49,000 original miles on it about 2 years ago and have put all of 3000 miles on it since. It had been sitting unused in storage for years in sunny dry Burbank not far from NBC's "The Tonight Show" studios. I was told that the original owner had a stroke which left him incapable of driving which is why the mileage was so low. I replaced the 20 year old original top when I got the car because it was coming apart. Aside from that I've had to do nothing but enjoy cruising around town (Beverly Hills and West Hollywood), although I've had the car re-painted because the original Chrysler clear coat on top of the original Chrylser red base coat was turning white from exposure to the Southern California sun and beginning to flake. Now it has a beautiful mirror finish so shiny you can see the reflections on the hood in the photos.

I really love this car as will whoever buys it. A great fun car to drive. The only reason I'm selling it is because I just got a used Bentley at a ridiculously low price which I could not pass up and we now have 4 cars with only 3 alloted parking spaces in our building. My wife is furious because her car must now be parked on the street while my Corvette, Bentley and LeBaron stay inside. Something's got to go and I've had my Corvette for 32 years so...

Just to show how confident I am that you will have no problems with this 100% mechanically sound car, I am willing to personally deliver the car up to a 1000 mile or so radius from Los Angeles if you cover the expenses and return air fare. I'd go cross country but it would take too long to drive. However if you want to meet midway at an airport I'd certainly consider it, although shipping the car a long distance is probably a lot less expensive. But if you want to fly into L.A. and pick the car up at the airport you'll have a great ride home. Cruising the highway with the top down in this red baby is a real blast!

Asking price is $7900. Willing to entertain offers but not interested in dropping price at the moment because this car is getting rarer as the northern states vehicles rust out. No trades - not interested - no parking space. You can call me at: .

Here are some photos: